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Last modified on 25/12/2023 Compsessed Group, officially located at Ruusbroeclaan 14, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium and registered under VAT number BE0674870471, considers the protection of your personal data to be a fundamental responsibility. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and therefore we have put in place strict procedures and measures to safeguard it. This privacy policy is designed to provide you with clear and transparent information on the nature of the personal data we collect, the purpose of collection, how we use and secure the data, and the rights you have in relation to your personal data. We aim to ensure a high level of protection of your data, in line with applicable data protection laws and regulations. You have the right to access, correct or have deleted the data we have stored about you at any time.

1. Scope of the privacy policy

This privacy policy applies to the personal data of natural persons processed by us, in our capacity as data controller. The scope of this policy is specifically limited to: - Clients who are in direct contact with Compsessed Group or companies associated with Compsessed Group. - Visitors to our offices, contact points, websites and client portals. - Participants in our market studies, surveys, competitions and promotions. - Persons in contact with our sales, promotional or other teams, or who use our products and services in any other way. We would like to emphasise that the data of potential customers or interested parties are also treated and secured with the utmost care, in accordance with this privacy policy. Our aim is to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all personal data in our care.

2. Processing of data

'Processing of data' includes any operation or set of operations involving personal data. This includes operations such as collection, recording, organisation, storage, updating or modification, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment, combination, as well as blocking, erasure or destruction of data. The data controller is the entity that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. For the purposes of this document, Compsessed Group, located at Ruusbroeclaan 14, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium and registered under VAT number BE0674870471, is the data controller for the personal data collected and processed. Compsessed Group is responsible for ensuring that the processing of data takes place in accordance with applicable legislation and that the rights of data subjects are respected.

3. Your Responsibilities towards third-party services within our privacy policy

When you use third-party services, such as external applications, websites, platforms or other technologies that may integrate with, or be accessible through, our products and services, it is important that you are aware of your own responsibilities with regard to privacy protection. At Compsessed Group, we are committed to protecting your personal data. Below is an explanation of what data we collect, why we do so and how it is processed:

4. Data provided directly by you

We process data that you provide to us yourself. This can be done in several ways: - Telephone contact via our general number. - In writing, such as: - Subscription to our newsletter via the website. - Signing up to receive our 'tips & tricks' or magazine. - Completing forms on our website, exhibitions or events. - Sending an e-mail to - Participating in a competition, information session or launch meeting on one of our projects. - Logging into the client portal, sharing information such as a profile picture and contact information. - Verbally, such as during an appointment with us or at your office.

5. Data collected by our systems

During your use of our websites and customer portal, our systems record certain data such as: - Cookies (please refer to our Cookie Policy for more information). - Location features. - IP address.

6. Data obtained from third parties

There are times when we receive data about you from external companies. When this happens, we always inform you of the source of this information. We also offer you the opportunity to indicate whether you want to be contacted further by us.

7. Categories of personal data collected

We use different categories of personal data: - User data: which identifies you or allows us to contact you (name, address, telephone number, language preference, date of birth, marital status, e-mail address, participation in promotions, use of our website, etc.). - Traffic data: technical data necessary for smooth electronic communication (such as your IP address). - Location data: which allows us to determine your location in order to tailor our services to your needs. - National registry number: we request this only in specific situations, such as in the case of compulsory deposit with the National Deposit and Consignment Office in accordance with the Breyne Act. - Financial data: related to the financing of the project, such as your account number and information about your credit institution. - Data of minors: In specific cases, we collect data from minors (such as name and address). We always explain this and treat this data with extra care.

8. Purposes of Personal Data Processing

A. Information & Contracts:

We collect data to:

  • Informing you about our products and services.
  • Manage subscriptions to our newsletter.
  • Establish and manage contractual relationships.

B. Service improvement:

Your data helps us improve our customer service. We use it for communication about project progress, satisfaction surveys and other customer interactions.

C. Marketing & Communications:

You will be informed about new products, services, promotions, events and more. Your online behaviour, such as page visits, helps us offer tailored content. E-mail communication is based on your consent.

D. Legal Obligations:

We retain and share certain data to meet legal requirements, such as tax obligations and specific requirements such as the Breyne Act.

E. Performance & Feedback:

We evaluate our services and products using customer feedback and interactions.

F. Security:

Surveillance cameras may be placed in specific locations for security purposes.

G. Analyses & Reporting:

We use aggregated, anonymous data for internal and external reporting, such as interest in our services and customer satisfaction. This data cannot be traced back to individuals.

H. Security of Personal Data:

Technical Measures: We use up-to-date security technologies and software to ensure that data is not lost or falls into the wrong hands. Strict Access Controls: Only authorised staff have access to your data and only when necessary for their duties. - Staff training: Our team is regularly trained in the correct and secure handling of personal data. Encryption: When data is transmitted, for example over the internet, it is encrypted so that it cannot be intercepted. Backups: We regularly back up your data so that it can be restored in case of a technical problem.

9. Overview of your privacy rights

Access to your data: You can ask Compsessed Group what personal data of yours it holds. This will include an explanation of how they are used, who is allowed to see them and how long they are kept. Copy of your data: You may request a free copy of the data that Compsessed Group holds about you. Additional copies may be subject to a small administrative fee. Correction of your data: If there are errors or omissions in your data, you may ask Compsessed Group to correct them. Deletion of your data: You can ask for your data to be deleted in the following situations: - If they are no longer needed for the original purposes. - If you withdraw your consent and there is no other reason to keep them. - If you object to their use and there are no more important reasons to keep them. - In the event of unlawful processing. - If there is a legal obligation to delete them. - If the data was collected when you were a minor. Transfer of data: You can receive your data in a readable format or ask Compsessed Group to give it directly to another organisation. Objection to the use of your data: If Compsessed Group uses your data for certain purposes, such as marketing, you may object. Compsessed Group will then stop that processing. Withdrawal of consent: If you have previously consented to the use of your data, you can withdraw it at any time. This does not affect previous processing.

10. Privacy Rights Application:

You may exercise your privacy rights by contacting Compsessed Group, Ruusbroeclaan 14, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium, in writing, or by email at From the written receipt of your request, we will respond within 30 days, provided all necessary information is available.

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