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Why make work difficult when it can be easier? At M365, they think so too. That's why Microsoft created a virtual AI assistant. Say: a digital butler. Its name? Pilot, 'Copilot' to its friends.

Interesting? Oh yes! With Copilot, you work easily, stress-free and more effectively than ever. This virtual assistant is a textbook example of human-sized artificial intelligence. Forget about starting repetitive tasks over and over again. Copilot automates this for you, saving you a cartload of working hours and litres of sweat. It allows every employee to focus fully on his or her core tasks. The results are to your liking: improved workflow, higher productivity, maximum efficiency and therefore also lower costs. Four reasons to be extra cheerful!

What can you expect from Copilot?

Copilot in Word

With Copilot in Word, users can effortlessly create and improve documents using advanced AI technology. Smart text suggestions allow users to speed up and enrich their writing process, making them more efficient.

Copilot in PowerPoint

In PowerPoint, Copilot provides powerful support for composing presentations. With smart suggestions for text and content, users can create engaging and professional slides, enabling them to deliver impressive presentations.

Copilot in Outlook

With Copilot in Outlook, composing and replying to emails becomes an effortless task. Users can quickly compose e-mails using AI-assisted suggestions, improving their communication skills and saving time.

Copilot in OneNote

In OneNote, Copilot helps users create structured notes and organise information. With intelligent suggestions, users can organise their notes more efficiently and capture valuable content.

Copilot in Microsoft Edge

With Copilot in Microsoft Edge, users get smart suggestions and information while browsing the web. Whether finding relevant information or taking notes, Copilot makes the web experience more productive and informative.

Office Portal with Copilot

Enriching the Office portal with Copilot ensures that users have access to smart support across Office applications. With Copilot at their fingertips, users can work more efficiently and get better results in their daily tasks and projects.

Although Copilot is currently only available in English, it represents advances in AI-assisted productivity tools. It also opens doors to future opportunities for multi-language support, allowing an even wider audience to take advantage of this innovative technology.

Compsessed Group, manager of your Copilot

Fantastic news: Copilot can therefore become your employee too. Compsessed Group provides expert support, is responsible for managing your licence and offers you useful training courses.

For just €28.1 per user per month, Copilot will join your team. A handy and loyal asset, which you also don't have to worry about leaving after a while.

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