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Hearty hardware 

Professional IT needs are filled with high-quality equipment. Together with you, Compsessed Group looks at the most suitable solution for your business. We then provide 'turnkey' IT, with a tailor-made configuration for all workstations. With HP Elitebook and Probook, we guarantee a highly efficient working environment.

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Pleasant work in HP

At a fixed workstation, HP desktop computers emerge as the ideal digital colleagues. With their long lifespan and budget-friendliness, they are well suited to anyone who values sustainability.

Compactness, flexibility and speed are the biggest strengths of HP Elitebook and HP Probook. These powerful laptops lend themselves well to everyday tasks such as sending e-mails, editing Excel or Word documents and running software programmes.

For graphics power and computing power, the HP Zbooks stand out. Photographers, video professionals, CAD draftsmen and REVIT artists are fans of these devices for their demanding applications, because of their creative software and demanding applications.

Accessories and peripherals 

A comprehensive IT solution requires more than the most suitable computer. With a wide selection of monitors, docking drives, printers, keyboards, laptop bags and mice ensures Compsessed Group for a productive, fully organised workplace. 

Recently Compsessed Group in for the supply and custom configuration of IT devices in a construction company. We installed new laptops, screens and peripherals in the offices. For each employee, we set up MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) in. We also adjusted the permissions of 'shared' mailboxes, allowing people to be easily added or removed when staff move in or out. Everyone also received in-depth training on essential applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. That approach led to increased efficiency and better-structured business processes. 

Smartphones and tablets 

For loyal and new users alike, Samsung smart phones are an extremely elegant and innovative range. Compsessed Group guides you with customised support for these mobile devices. Fans of Apple's versatile smartphones , too, will no doubt find the iPhone solution that best suits their needs and budget at Compsessed Group.

We offer the same choice - Samsung versus Apple - when it comes to tablets. Do you opt for the unrivalled mobile experience of Samsung or the intuitive user experience, stunning graphics and wide range of apps of the Apple iPad? Compsessed Group makes a detailed comparison between products from both brands, based on design, performance, price and ecosystem. That way, you have all the documentation you need to make the best smartphone or tablet choice for you.

Rugged devices

'Rugged what', we hear you thinking. Rugged devices (smartphones and tablets) are specifically made to function optimally in harsh conditions, such as on construction sites. They are resistant to shock, humidity and dust. In this way, they offer optimal performance in demanding workplaces. In such conditions, they are a better solution than the normal smartphone or tablet.

Complete removal of your IT equipment

Do you want your employees to have optimally secure and up-to-date mobile devices at all times? With MDM (Mobile Device Management) and -subscription management offers Compsessed Group a very accurate solution for this. Our passionate team relieves you completely of this service, which you as fringe benefit to your employees can offer. That way, they enjoy the latest technology and work more satisfied and efficient than ever before. From a win-win situation spoken. It also saves you buying paracetamol or other medical 'tablets'. 

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With Copilot, you optimise workflow and increase your team's productivity through artificial intelligence.


Digital devices

Complete hardware solutions: from laptops and desktops to peripherals and mobile devices.

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