Convenient paperless working with Microsoft 365

The 21st century is that of the digital workflow. Saving documents automatically and archiving them online is secure, convenient and super-fast. This is certainly true if you use Microsoft 365 (M365). With handy applications such as Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint, M365 is the perfect digital platform for efficient collaboration and smooth communication. It does not matter whether you are in the same room or far away from each other: Work up to 40% faster.

Endless meetings, writing reports, a mountain of manual work, constantly switching between eleven apps and platforms: you would lose courage before you even started. With M365, you save yourself hours of time and your productivity skyrockets.

Smooth digital communication reduces the need for physical meetings. Tools for the automation of recurring tasks ensure that, for example, you can get faster create reports and send e-mails. You will also find your documents faster in this well-secured environment. 

The softwarepackage contains with Outlook smart functions for efficient mail management. In addition, the programme allows in a simple way your agenda and tasks at manage. An 'to do' list with clear priorities drafting has never been so simple. That way, you can focus on what really matters. That makes everyone happier, right? 

Integration with other systems

You prefer to play table tennis in your free time and not at work. Thanks to M365, you no longer have to constantly ping-pong between different apps. The software package is made to communicate smoothly with other IT systems. For example, the integration with CRM systems and the Microsoft Dynamics environment makes it possible to access and manage customer data directly in M365.

Combining M365 with systems such as Asana and Trello enables project management directly in M365. For personnel services, M365 is also an enrichment: thanks to the joining of forces with HR systems, you can manage personnel data directly in M365 and also smoothly manage all HR processes. And because every company is obviously all about the bottom line, M365 also integrates smoothly with accounting software such as QuickBooks or Xero.

Compsessed Group successfully transformed a client's business processes in the construction industry by implementing M365 and Copilot. As a result, the company now has an advanced digital infrastructure with additional shared mailboxes and precisely managed permissions. The introduction of SharePoint streamlined documentation and provided more structure. This lifted cooperation internally and externally to a higher level.

Integration with other systems

Working digitally does not have to be as expensive as you fear. You don't necessarily need your own servers for it, quite the contrary. Thanks to Microsoft Azure, you manage all your data efficiently in the cloud and enjoy extra online services and IT power + explanation Azure

Microsoft Azure is an online platform where companies can rent and use IT resources, such as storage and computing power, without investing in physical infrastructure. An example of this is using Microsoft Azure for data storage, where companies can securely store their data in the cloud without having to manage servers themselves. This provides flexible scalability and access to advanced technologies such as automatic backups and data security.

Compsessed Group sets up this environment for you and ensures that it continues to function optimally on a daily basis so that you can use all its functionalities. Leave that data to the secure cloud, so you can enjoy carefree azure skies. Because thankfully, we don't live to work (M)365 days a year.

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