Cybersecurity, an absolute must

Compsessed Group is your trusted partner in cybersecurity and data protection. After a 'threat analysis', we help you with comprehensive and customised solutions, protecting your business from online threats and data loss.

Cybersecurity at compsessed

The 11 commandments of data protection


Physical firewalls monitor network traffic at the network level. Firewalls in software monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic on all individual devices. 

Antivirus and anti-malware software

These solutions detect and remove viruses, worms, Trojans and spyware from your computer systems and networks. 


By encrypting data, you ensure that unauthorised persons cannot access or capture it. This happens both at rest and during transmission over networks.

Secure access control

Here, we integrate the use of strong passwords and multi-level authentication (MFA). Access control allows only authorised users to access sensitive systems and essential data.

Patch management

Through the use of regular software updates and patches, we keep the system up to date and fix known security vulnerabilities. That way exterminate you viruses, malware and spyware both in Windows and other programmes. 

Data backup and recovery

Systematic data backup and data recovery procedures add great value. They let you respond appropriately to incidents such as data loss and ransomware attacks.

Security audits and penetration tests

Compsessed Group can regularly evaluate, including by carrying out pen-(etration)tests. That way, we can identify vulnerabilities and avoided in the future, before unwanted visitors cause damage through a backdoor.

Safety policies and protection procedures

By implementing information security protocols, you reduce the risk of data loss. This can be achieved, among other things, by establishing procedures that determine who has access to what information, making efficient use of resources within the company, such as computers, software and networks, and providing training that raises awareness of security issues among your employees.

Network segmentation

Dividing a network into several segments limits the spread of attacks and strengthens security. The division into a User VLAN, a printer VLAN and an infrastructure VLAN is a good example. 


An optimal wireless connection with full coverage is very important for a business. You can improve its security by setting up a guest network. That way, they can go online smoothly, without accessing the data of your production environment or that of e.g. your legal department. 


On-premium-domains offer greater control and privacy over data. Cloud domains guarantee scalability, flexibility and easy access to cutting-edge technologies, without having to invest heavily in IT infrastructure. 

Recently, Compsessed Group realised a network upgrade for a banking and insurance office. As a result, their system is now compliant with all regulations. The network works more securely, faster and more reliably, both for internet access and telephone calls via VoIP. So there are fewer failures and everyone can work more efficiently.

Choose secure data

Compsessed Group protects your corporate data in a safe and efficient way. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the ideal cybersecurity strategy and put a clear stop to digital threats.

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