Support & consultancy

Addressing IT challenges

The Compsessed team, a motley crew of IT gurus, is at your service every day. We solve your IT puzzles and streamline your digital workflows. At our helpdesk, our friendly staff are always ready to help you and tackle your IT problems the right way, making them disappear like snow in the sun. Or we take the reins with you on a specific project. We start with a white sheet, a coffee and a smile, and the rest will follow.

Compsessed Support Consultancy

No doubt you have faced one, or more, of the situations below at some point in your life:

An employee accidentally clicked on a phishing email.

  • Your documents don't get printed anymore.
  • Your computer no longer boots up.
  • The internet connection keeps dropping out.
  • You forgot your password.
  • You experience problems with permissions in SharePoint.

Don't go for following solutions:

  • Throwing your computer or other equipment through the window.
  • Hitting your employee.
  • Get your hairdresser to do a colour rinse to hide the extra grey hairs.
  • Going home weeping, hoping the problem will solve itself.

Secondment for full-time support

Call on additional capacity

Working flexibly, without having to compromise on quality? It is perfectly possible with outsourcing. Through this service from Compsessed Group, you enjoy a range of benefits that take your company to the next level.

Seconded employees allow you to smoothly anticipate peak periods, urgent projects or other sudden needs. Moreover, you do so without long-term commitments: our team of highly skilled employees - agreed, there is a 'corner off' - is ready to reinforce your crew the moment it is needed.

Lusts without burdens 

An additional benefit of secondment is cost savings. You do not have to recruit and train new employees, but can immediately count on the right people. In addition, Compsessed Group works entirely 'à la tête du client': you only pay for the hours you need. Overhead costs? Forget them... 

Compsessed's seconded consultants enhance your know-how and skills through their specialised knowledge. Whether it is help regarding website, digital workflow, hardware, security, artificial intelligence or other IT skills: you ask, Compsessed Group runs. 

Outsourcing also provides opportunities to expand your network. Moreover, our specialists are highly motivated to take on such challenges: it provides variety and allows them to add to their backpack of experience. Will you take their bland humour with a smile? 

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Support & Consultancy

Reliable assistance for troubleshooting, system and network management, implementation, roll-out and training.



Experience top security. We offer cloud & physical backup & restore, multiple authentication, password management and antivirus.


Website creation

Let your brand shine with customised, user-friendly and attractive websites that impress.


Digital workflow

Increase your productivity with M365 and MS Dynamics, top software for your business.

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AI - Copilot

With Copilot, you optimise workflow and increase your team's productivity through artificial intelligence.


Digital devices

Complete hardware solutions: from laptops and desktops to peripherals and mobile devices.

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